Putting in the work and doing the thing

Think about some of your goals and dreams. Are there any of them that truly inspire you, but you just aren’t making progress or seeing results? If so, ask yourself this: Are you actually putting in the work?

This is one of the areas where I see people get stuck: not putting in the work.

I’m not saying push hard, burn out, or wear stress and overwhelm like the badge that so many people do today. That’s not necessary or helpful.

What I am saying is that too many people say they want something, but never really give it a solid effort. In some cases, you need to just admit to yourself that you don’t actually want it badly enough and let it go. That can be hard to do – to break up with what you thought was a desire for so long. But it’ll give you a lot of bandwidth and energy back that you can put toward something else. Plus, you can always pick the thing back up later if you want.

I finally had to do this with learning Spanish. For the last 20 years, I’ve been saying that I want to “finally learn Spanish” and after lots of false starts and half-assed attempts, I finally admitted to myself that I just don’t want it badly enough. At least not right now. So, I gave myself permission to give up on it (for now) so I could focus on other priorities that are wayyyy more important. It was a huge relief! I look forward to picking it back up one day, but I’m no longer frustrated about being stuck in the limbo of mediocrity, while also not doing anything to get unstuck ūüôā

Otherwise, it’s time to stop complaining, blaming, or lamenting the fact that you’re not getting results (while doing nothing about it) and instead start showing up and putting in the work it’s going to take to get there.

I’m a big believer in the law of attraction, manifesting, and trusting the universe to handle the details (woohoo for the woo woo!), BUT you’ve still got to show up and take consistent action.

runner sitting on track tying shoes ready to get to work

Let’s go over some common examples where this happens to illustrate the power of putting in the work and doing the thing.

Example 1: Putting in the work for your health

This is a great one, because you can’t just do it once and call it a day. It’s an ongoing, lifelong commitment to well-being that takes consistent work. With fitness, for example, the consistency of your exercise will have a much bigger difference than which type of workout you do. Sitting at home and complaining about your health isn’t helpful. Nor is spending hours researching the perfect workout or diet, and then never actually making any changes in your lifestyle.¬†You have to actually put in the work and do the thing.

girl standing on track ready to get to work

Yes, listen to your body and gut and take breaks to rest and recover. Yes, be gentle with yourself and have compassion when you fail. Yes, be smart and don’t overdue it. But if you can commit and just keep showing up¬†you will be well on your way.

Example 2: Putting in the work for your art

SO many people I work with have these incredible artists inside them just waiting to break free. Is that you?

By artist, I don’t necessarily mean what are traditionally considered artistic pursuits, like painting or sculpting. (Personally, I believe that all of us are artists. It’s just that our creativity shows up in totally unique and different ways for each of us.)

What I’m referring to here is that you have a creative energy in you that you need to express, an innovative way of thinking or problem solving, or things that you make. It could be graphic design, playing music, writing a blog, dancing, baking, singing, sewing clothes, or even building large exhibits for Burning Man.

Colors on a wall

Many aspiring artists reserve their creative moments for only when they’re feeling inspired or happen to have free time. If you’re satisfied with that, great, but I suspect that if you truly want to honor your passions, you want MORE. And guess what? Then you have to put in the work and do the thing!

Sometimes that means writing 200 crappy words a day, going to the dance class when you’re not in the mood, or making your art even when you’re not inspired. Don’t be afraid to create a mountain of mediocre work in the process. It’s all valuable, because you are practicing, learning, honing your craft, and training yourself to have persistence and grit. You’re also honoring – and nurturing – that creative life force inside of you.

Hand on the lens of a camera, preparing to get to work

Those of us who are perfectionists or stuck in a fixed mindset* (that used to be me – big time) can be so afraid to fail that we aren’t willing to even try, unless we’re almost certain of our success. If that’s you, for the love of all that is holy, please consider working with me¬†so I can help you let that shit go ASAP.¬†I will gladly smack that unhelpful tendency out of you ūüôā

And obviously this applies to more than your health and artistic pursuits. It applies to your career or business, your relationships, your financial situation, and more.

SO! Are you ready to stop making excuses and actually go do the thing? To show up and put in some good old fashioned hard work to move you toward your goals and dreams? Then commit to the thing (whatever it is for you), keep showing up, and PUT. IN. THE. WORK.

*If you want to learn more about the fixed mindset vs. growth mindset thing, check out Carol Dweck’s book Mindset or watch her TED talk.

Stepping into the arena

Last night I started writing¬†this post in the notes app on my iPhone, while¬†laying awkwardly on my side in bed. It was almost midnight and I should’ve been sleeping because I was getting up early today to work out. But, instead¬†I had been¬†furiously typing away on my phone, attempting to capture the ideas flying out of my brain at warp speed.

Here’s the thing. I can’t stop thinking about you. I can’t stop thinking about how I want to have a bigger impact, reach more people, help more of you feel better and live amazing lives. To accomplish these goals, I know I need to step into a bigger arena.

Bigger Impact. Bigger arenas.

So, I’ve been dreaming, scheming, and planning. In the back of my mind, most days,¬†content is being organized, structured, and restructured. I’m simplifying¬†and distilling down the best nuggets of wisdom and most impactful things I’ve learned over the last 10 years of intense personal development work I’ve done.

While expanding and building this business to be much bigger has always been part of the plan, it’s only recently¬†that I’ve noticed how profoundly I’m¬†feeling called to serve more people. Not just in a coaching and writing capacity, but also by moving into more of a¬†teaching role. Facilitating, speaking, leading, and inspiring from the stage. In bigger arenas.

Sidenote: I’m using the term “arenas” in a¬†metaphorical, very Bren√© Brown sense of the word, by the way.¬†I’m not talking about¬†stepping into actual arenas. Not quite yet, anyway. Then again¬†sharing stages with Oprah and Tony Robbins are big goals of mine, and they speak in actual arenas, so hey! Hopefully one¬†day soon!

Designing the mastermind

I want to help more people unleash their inner badass Рto help them stop holding back, own who they are, and create extraordinary lives they love.

people standing on cliff looking at the view

This means a lot of things for my business but, specifically, I’m excited to build and launch my first ever mastermind: a¬†group program that will deliver valuable personal development content in a dynamic¬†community setting with a high level of support and engagement.

As I contemplate¬†how to design and deliver this¬†program, I’ve been going back through¬†my 7 years of teaching outdoor fitness classes, my 800+ hours of coaching individuals clients, and the couple¬†hundred of hours of coaching and leadership training I did¬†at CTI, where they are known for their experientially based, transformational learning, as well as all the programs and masterminds I‚Äôve participated in as a student.

I¬†plan to take the very best of¬†everything I‚Äôve learned, structure it in the most effective way I can, and infuse it with my own awesomely weird and unique¬†brand of Possingness to be an experience in extreme personal development, leadership training, and conscious community. It’s going to be rad.

For the last 5 years, aside from the random speaking gig here and there, I’ve been mostly coaching people 1:1 which, as you know if you‚Äôre part of my tribe, I love. Deeply.

The risks in the arena

Now I’m wanting¬†to step out from behind the safety of my (virtual) coaching office and into a bigger arena. A much bigger one. It’s¬†a risky move.¬†Way more vulnerable. More visible. I’ve gotten good at being unapologetically me in my current life, but now I need to challenge myself to go do it out in unknown places, with higher stakes, and a much less friendly audience. I hope that my doing so inspires you to do the same in your own way.

colorful bird

I know that if i use my voice and speak my truth I will inevitably ruffle feathers, trigger people, and invite in criticism. Some of the time it will suck. I will fail. Probably a lot. I will have haters. I will feel foolish at times, doubt every word I speak and action I take, and shed lots of tears in the process.

This excites me, because I love growth, but also terrifies the perfectionist / people pleaser / approval junkie / inner critic in me. Luckily she’s not running the show anymore. Phew.

These days, I am driven¬†by my¬†mission, my¬†purpose, my calling. One that I couldn’t turn off even if I wanted to. So, I have to be ready to¬†move forward in spite of all the risks.


My word of the year for 2017 was visibility. And I have indeed begun to dip¬†my toes in that pond. But, to be honest, I‚Äôve still played it relatively¬†safe. Now, I want to practice diving in naked. Bring it on. Please consider this an invitation to call me out¬†and hold me accountable if you see me playing small.¬†(I’m probably going to regret saying that.)

surfer walking into the ocean

What this means for my business is that while I will continue serving¬†my private clients with passion and focus as before, I’m also starting to work¬†on¬†the mastermind I’ve been dreaming about creating for years. Stay tuned for more info on that in the coming months.

Using my voice

I’m also committing to putting myself out there and using my voice, quite literally, for speaking engagements, and to do more sharing, inspiring, and teaching on platforms like fb live. Mama needs to get back on the stage! Again, feel free to give me a talking to¬†if you see me sitting on the sidelines. For reals. If you hear of an awesome event, please suggest me as a kick ass speaker! ūüôā

I am seriously so lucky to have the most amazing tribe of friends, family, clients, former clients, fans, and all the passionate rebels¬†in my Facebook group, Freedom + Badassery. (Not part of the group yet? Join us! It’s free.) Thank you all for your support, as I grow my sassy and difficult teenager of a business into the powerful young woman she is ready to become.

Designing your unconventional life. On purpose.

Designing your life, intentionally, is more than possible. And yet, most people don’t do it.

Who designed your life (career, lifestyle, social circle, where you live…)? Was it you? Or did you sort of stumble¬†into it?

So many of us charge forward, living by default. We do what our parents counsel us to do, copy our friends, and are heavily influenced by the borderline brainwashing of the media, TV shows, upbringing, religious communities, peer groups, or whatever our strongest influences were.

We rarely pause and ask ourselves who we really are. What we actually want. Or what we want our lives and lifestyles to look like.

So many of the people I work with actually have really “great” lives on paper. They checked all the boxes, did all the things, but deep down they are not fulfilled. Yes, they have created a proper, “successful” life, by society’s standards.

But what they’ve failed to do is to create a¬†meaningful life. One that is an expression of their particular¬†set of talents, gifts, and characteristics. A¬†journey that allows them to spend their time on what they value most and what makes them come alive. A reflection of their unique perspective on the world.

That’s where I come in. I want you, yes YOU, to have not only a successful life (but by YOUR standards of success, not anyone else’s), but to also have a life that is meaningful, whatever that¬†means to you.

Don’t¬†waste anytime lamenting your past, or regretting past choices, because we can’t change them anyway. (Although if you do want to spend some time forgiving yourself, honoring, and letting go of your past, that’s a great use of time!)

Instead, start where you are today, and commit to designing your life from here on out. On purpose, instead of simply reacting to whatever life throws at you.

So, how the hell do you¬†go about doing that? It’s not easy, but it can be simple. Here are 5 great¬†strategies¬†to get you started.

1) Cultivate self-awareness

The more you learn to be present to your own experience, the¬†more power you¬†have to¬†shift it into what you want. We can’t change what we’re not aware of, so start training yourself to¬†notice, in real time, where you’re at. Listen to¬†how you’re talking to yourself in¬†your head¬†and notice how you’re feeling in your body. This will help you¬†become the¬†conscious creator of your life.

2) Get yourself some damn clarity

A lot of¬†people aren’t chasing their dreams for the simple reason that they don’t actually know what they want. If you don’t know where you want to go, it’s gonna be pretty hard¬†to get there! So¬†start by asking yourself what you want. In every area of your life. If you’re extra disconnected from what you want, it may take time. Be patient. Be bold and dare to admit your truest desires. At¬†the very least to yourself. And if you’re able to, share it with some people who believe in you and can support you in heading down that path.

3) Start taking action

Once you start figuring out what you want, you can start moving toward it. Don’t worry about having it all planned out first. Just start somewhere, because you can always course correct as you get more clear. If¬†you already know what you want, but are¬†too terrified to make any leaps (say quitting a job or leaving a relationship), start with ¬†the tiniest baby step and go from there. Action creates energy and momentum.¬†It gives you more clarity and confidence, and feels super satisfying to boot!

4) Get support

As¬†you start designing your life¬†more intentionally, you’ll need support. Most likely, you’ll¬†have critics and people who doubt your dreams. (Maybe because they resent you for having the courage to pursue them, which¬†highlights their own inability to do so themselves. Or¬†because they simply have a different perspective.) Let them doubt and criticize you. That’s their story, not yours.

Instead, seek out support from people who are living the life you want (as mentors, coaches, teachers) or who believe in you and your dreams and will cheer you on no matter what (colleagues, peers, fans, friends.) Fear will come up. Failure will happen. Shit will inevitably hit the fan. So, have¬†a support network in place that can¬†catch you when you fall and affectionately slap you on the butt after you dust yourself off and get back on that big, unruly horse you’re attempting to ride.

5) Keep tweaking

Look for opportunities to take big leaps and inspired action, when appropriate, but more than anything, keep tweaking. Every day, every week, look for the small shifts you can make that will create just a little more alignment in your day to day experience. Make the helpful baby steps that inch you closer to your dream part of your regular routine; make them habits. Rituals. Infuse every moment of every day, every choice you make, and every thought you think with intention.

Live your life on purpose and be designing and redesigning a life that inspires you and fills you with joy and gratitude. 

Ok? You do NOT have to live your life by a bunch of tired, outdated, unspoken rules that are followed by most¬†people, because they’re just living by default.

Break the rules. Break that mold.

You get to create an UNCONVENTIONAL, meaningful, amazing, and exhilarating life – one that is aligned with the absurd combination of traits that is you, and whatever it is that is most dear to you.

Do it. I believe in you. And I hope you do too. (If not, or if you need help with this, you know where to find me!)


Top 10 Reasons to Become a Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Before I go into the¬†top 10, let me¬†clarify what I¬†mean by lifestyle entrepreneur, for those of you who might not be familiar with the term. As far as labels go, it’s one that I strongly identify with, and as soon as I heard the term, I claimed it. Hell ya, I am a¬†lifestyle entrepreneur, albeit just¬†a freshman compared to the seniors on campus like¬†Tim Ferris and Chris Guillebeau, who blazed the trail for the rest of us years ago.

What is a lifestyle entrepreneur?
Lifestyle entrepreneurs are simply entrepreneurs who prioritize lifestyle before¬†profit. Are we still interested in profit? Absolutely! Most of us are incredibly money motivated. It’s just that we value freedom and independence more than anything else. We’re crystal clear on our¬†desired lifestyle and build our businesses¬†around those ideals, not just to allow for what’s most important to us, but to support it.

It’s about freedom
Some of us are¬†location independent digital nomads, running¬†businesses we¬†can run from anywhere in the world. Many of us are obsessed with travel and strive to create a freedom lifestyle, where we can live, work, and play while globetrotting freely. For others, it’s¬†about something completely different.¬†Ultimately, though, it’s always about freedom – whatever that means to you.

It’s not easy
Of course, being a lifestyle entrepreneur has its challenges, just like being any kind of entrepreneur. It’s a wild ride that’s probably not for everyone. Most of us¬†take huge risks, fail often, and frequently get the crap kicked out of us. Some people give it a great effort, but eventually walk away because it’s hard and uncomfortable. The ones who end up crushing it usually have some serious grit¬†(unless they just got really lucky).

Here are some of my favorite reasons, for those of you flirting with the idea, to become a lifestyle entrepreneur.

1. Vision + Purpose + Passion
As a¬†lifestyle entrepreneur, you¬†lead with vision, purpose and passion. You’re¬†often called “heart centered”¬†and¬†can’t imagine doing work you¬†don’t love. You¬†step out of your comfort zone frequently and do whatever it¬†takes to build a business, because it lights you¬†up and fills your life with meaning. It’s the work you¬†can’t not do.

2. Authenticity
You get to fly your freak flag. In this type of work, the more authentic you are, the more successful you are. You get to create a business that is an expression, or extension, of who you are. There are no masks to put on or facades to uphold. You just get to be you Рthe quirky, super weird, real YOU.

3. Freedom
Regardless of¬†what your definition of freedom is, being a lifestyle entrepreneur is all about supporting that. Whether it’s being able to spend time outdoors during¬†the day and working at night, having time to care for elderly parents, spending more time with your kids, or traveling 9 months of the year,¬†YOU¬†get to¬†decide. (And only YOU are responsible for creating it.)

4. Flexibility
A big part of the freedom lifestyle is flexibility. Set your own hours, work when and how you want.¬†If sitting at a desk for 8 hours doesn’t work, maybe you work in 20 minute spurts. Or only on weekends. Or when you feel like it. Or when your golf schedule allows for it. Obviously it depends on what your line of work is, when your clients are available etc., but¬†it’s up to you to set it up in a way that works for you.

5. Location independence
Another big part of the freedom lifestyle is being location independent. If you want to stay home, you can work from home. If you want to be social, you can find a co-working space or coffeeshop. As long as you have wifi, you can work with clients 1:1 over the phone or skype, lead group calls or video conferences, host webinars, and so much more with people anywhere in the world, from anywhere in the world. You also start to really appreciate good wifi.

6. Personal growth
Whether your¬†business is actually¬†about¬†personal growth, like mine is, or is focused on something else entirely (SEO, let’s say),¬†because you are not just doing whatever your line of work is but also figuring out all the different parts of starting and¬†growing¬†a business, you will constantly grow and develop as a human. You’ll fail, learn, grow, rinse, and repeat.

7. Financial independence
While it can be crazy stressful, risky, and humbling in the beginning when you’re dealing with¬†aspects of entrepreneurship¬†like paying for your own health insurance¬†or not having a¬†predictable¬†monthly income, the possibilities are limitless. As a¬†lifestyle entrepreneur, maybe you become an expert¬†at leverage, offering¬†not just 1:1 services, but group programs, information products, and more. Maybe you¬†create multiple streams of passive income.

8. Building a team
In the beginning, most likely you¬†start out by doing everything yourself. Maybe you¬†stay a one person shop, which can work beautifully, or maybe you start¬†outsourcing parts of the business to experts who can do a much better job at whatever it is you’re not¬†great at or don’t enjoy doing, which frees up your¬†time to focus on¬†your¬†favorite parts of the work. With an efficient team, you can leverage yourself even more.

9. Creativity
Most lifestyle entrepreneurs lead unconventional lives. If¬†you¬†are a bit of a rebel, rule breaker, or non-conformist,¬†having¬†creative freedom is incredibly important to you. It’s where you¬†come alive and do your best work. Being your own boss, running your own company, and being a creator out in the world gives you the freedom¬†to¬†be in your zone of genius, and tap into your creative in whichever way you’d like.

10. Impact
You¬†want – no need! – to have an impact, leave a mark, and make the world a better place or help the people in it, in your own unique and brilliant way. It doesn’t matter how big or small the impact is, as a lifestyle entrepreneur it’s an important part of what drives you. Doing work that has no impact not only doesn’t appeal to you, it probably repels you.

In short, being a lifestyle entrepreneur is¬†a challenging, emotional rollercoaster of an adventure that is worth every single second. I’ve only been on the path for a few years, and have a long way to go and many more challenges to get through I’m sure, but I can’t imagine doing anything else now.

If this post stirs something in your heart, don’t ignore it! Honor the whisper in your ear, treat it as a clue, get wildly curious, and explore the possibilities. I dare you.

Fearlessly Authentic

Who would you be if you weren’t afraid of being judged? I love that question. It points to what is a very real struggle for many of us who, over the years, have developed different parts of ourselves to fit into different parts of our lives.

Recently I was listening to a call¬†where a coach I don’t know was talking about her deep desire to integrate her two identities. Her one identity is the professional¬†coach who¬†helps Silicon Valley execs grow their teams and develop their leadership skills. Her other identity is a highly creative free-spirited woman who¬†runs around at Burning Man in a corset and tutu, pole dances, and gives talks on the law of attraction.

She was struggling with her fears about people from either world finding out about her other identity and judging her for it. The business world wouldn’t take her seriously if they knew what she does in her free time. And her alternative¬†friends would think she was crazy¬†for working in Silicon Valley.

[Side note: some of you who are familiar with bay area culture¬†are probably wondering what the problem is there, because¬†you know there are actually a ton of people from Silicon Valley who go to Burning Man. And just as many Burning Man regulars who have “normal” corporate jobs. But that’s not the point, of course. Regardless of what the reality of any situation is, the stories we create in our minds¬†are the powerful ones that can really hold us back. THOSE stories are the ones I want to encourage all of us to move past.]

How many identities do you have? Do you hide parts of yourself for fear of being judged?¬†Have you created elaborate facades that you put¬†up while¬†interacting with certain groups? We all do it to an extent I think.¬†While I’d love it if we could all be 100% ourselves all the time, I believe that sometimes it IS¬†actually helpful to be able to tone things up or down, given the situation.

At the end of the day, I’m not arguing that being a slightly different version of yourself in certain situations¬†is inherently¬†bad or good. Things are rarely inherently good or bad. They¬†just.. are. We are the ones who assign a value to them in our minds, usually due to our conditioning and deeply ingrained beliefs.

Really, the question is whether it’s helpful, effective, or healthy in any given circumstance. Should that coach show up to work at a big corporate gig wearing her Burning Man gear? Probably not. But should she have to hide either or both of her identities and live in¬†fear of judgment? I say no.

I think it’s more a matter of learning how to¬†honor the different, beautiful, unique parts of ourselves fully, to¬†mindfully choose¬†how to show up when, and to take full responsibility for our impact every time.

I often wonder who the fullest expression of me is. She’s constantly evolving of course, but as of right now, here is who I am when I’m completely owning my true self, and not worried what anyone will think:
РI dare to speak up, have strong opinions, and stand my ground
РI am brave, vulnerable, and courageously show all of my real raw self to the people I trust
– I don’t ask for or seek permission from others, I simply trust my own judgment
–¬†I freely show my quirky, goofy¬†side, laugh easily, hug everyone, and smile often
РI approach strangers easily, embrace awkwardness, and create warm connections
РI embrace my woo woo spiritual side in my business just as much as my practical side

What about you?¬†Who would you be if you were fearlessly authentic? If you were sure you would not be judged, OR¬†were sure you wouldn’t care? What is the fullest expression of you?

I Have a Dream

I believe with all my heart in the incredible power of dreams. Compelling dreams give us¬†hope, inspire action, unite people, and empower generations. They give way to¬†new technologies and innovation. They give us something to aim for, something to focus¬†our attention and¬†intention on as we stumble down the path of life, trying to figure out who we are and why we’re here.

I want to tell you about my dream.¬†And I want to hear about yours. (If you don’t know what yours is, maybe I can help.)

My dream evolves as I grow and change. It¬†takes on new and unexpected shapes and colors as the next steps of my journey reveal themselves.¬†I don’t know if¬†my life in the future¬†will look anything like what my dream looks like now, but I know for damn sure that it motivates me to¬†move in¬†that¬†direction.

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined." - Thoreau

Here are¬†some things to think about while capturing your dream in case you’re inspired to do yours too.

1. Practice gratitude. Before (and during and after) envisioning what you hope to create,  remember to be grateful for what you have, right here, right now.

2. Be present. While being inspired by your vision and letting it pull you forward, remember to live your life in the present, conscious and connected to the world around you.

3. Invest in the process, let go of the outcome. While going confidently in the direction of your dreams, remain open to new information and opportunities. Course correct as the next steps of your journey reveal themselves to you. Let go of having things show up looking a certain way. Be more interested in the essence of what you want and the journey toward it.

4. Think outside the box. Let¬†go of any¬†limited ideas of what’s possible and dare to let your imagination run free.¬†You might be surprised what you come up with.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand." - Albert Einstein

5. Take bold inspired action. Once you get clear on your¬†dream, don’t forget to get out there and do something about it.¬†Action creates energy and puts the wheels into motion.

Here¬†is my dream as it stands now. I’ve divided it into categories and written it in the form of affirmations (i.e. in present tense statements, as if they’re already true.)

‚Äď My relationship is a badass partnership. We¬†are committed to¬†authenticity, kickass communication, and living our fun, crazy lives¬†to the fullest.
‚ÄstI am¬†deeply connected¬†to my¬†family, despite geographical limitations. I¬†travel to see them often and we embrace technology to keep us close when we’re apart.

‚Äď I have a killer team¬†of talented people who¬†believe in my mission¬†that¬†help me run my global business¬†(e.g. virtual assistant, accountant, coach, mentor, PR, web design etc.)
‚Äď My business is an expression and an extension of who I am at my core. It reflects my purpose, values, passions and what makes me unique.
‚Äď I inspire, empower, and challenge people.¬†The value I create for them is lasting and transformational.
‚Äď I have clients who fly me across the globe to work with them.
‚Äď I have written a book (maybe several) that tells my story and shares my message in a clear and compelling way, inspiring those who need it most.
‚Äď I positively impact large numbers of people not just through my own writing, speaking, coaching, videos, workshops, and retreats, but also through appearances on radio, TV, and live events.
‚Äď I surround myself with movers and shakers who believe in their dreams, rule breakers who challenge the status quo, and change makers who are quite literally saving the planet.
‚Äď I spend a lot of time outside my comfort zone, embracing failure, stretching my limits, and doing things that scare and excite me.

‚Äď I attract and create more wealth than I personally need and am able to donate¬†time and money to supporting and empowering the people, organizations, and causes I believe in.
‚Äď I have reached¬†my milestones of¬†being a 6-figure, and ultimately a 7-figure business.
‚Äď I spend money mindfully,¬†creating¬†a¬†fun and fulfilling – yet¬†sustainable – lifestyle for myself, my family, and my friends.
‚Äď I have a great money team (accountant + financial advisor + money coach) who help me make smart decisions.

‚Äď I eat clean 80% of the time (leaving 20% of the time for enjoying the delicious “bad” stuff), drink a ton of water, and get lots of sleep.
‚Äď I love and accept my body as¬†it is, celebrate its uniqueness, and playfully test its limits.
‚Äď I seek out physical activities and types of movement¬†that make me¬†feel alive.
‚Äď My skin is radiant, my hair is healthy, my body is strong, I am glowing with happiness.
‚Äď I shine brightly from the inside out. I feel grounded, confident, and¬†at peace.
‚Äď I regularly engage in mindfulness practices (e.g. yoga, meditation, gratitude) that quiet my mind, center my spirit, and open my heart.
‚Äď I stay intellectually stimulated and¬†pursue continued learning and experiences by¬†reading voraciously and attending classes, workshops, conferences etc.

‚Äď I spend most of my social time doing fun and interesting things with people I love, creating meaningful connections, laughing often, and loving fiercely.
‚Äď I host¬†frequent¬†dinner parties, cook delicious food, and consciously create community.
‚Äď I travel the world for work and play. I am a mobile world citizen, always seeking to broaden my horizons, become familiar with the unfamiliar, and spread joy wherever I go.
‚Äď I make¬†time¬†to honor my passions (e.g. dance, music, languages, culture etc.)
‚Äď I am¬†solar powered +¬†water inspired, so I spend plenty¬†of time in the sun and water.
‚Äď My wardrobe is a reflection of who I am: simple, classy, fierce, and playful.
‚Äď Though I travel often, I have a home base somewhere beautiful, near water, that is warm and welcoming, where¬†friends and family eagerly come to visit.

Our World
‚Äď Through our collective wisdom, new technologies, and social responsibility we are finally¬†figuring out how to save the planet from our own ignorance and overconsumption.
‚Äď A new brand of leadership is emerging. People are stepping up, working together, and¬†love is winning over hate.
‚Äď Discrimination based on gender, sexuality, race, religion, socioeconomic status, etc. is outdated and nearly obsolete.¬†We are experiencing a¬†shift in consciousness and evolving into a more heart-centered and open-minded people.
‚Äď Western and Eastern medicine are¬†being integrated into a more holistic healthcare approach. Doctors are in partnership with their patients. Quality healthcare¬†is available to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay.
‚Äď Common sense,¬†respect for mother nature, and compassion¬†keep us grounded as we develop new technologies and enter an exciting new era of¬†rapid innovation.

This week on¬†The Fierce Leadership Call¬†we were talking about taking radical responsibility for ourselves and our world. Someone made a comment about random acts of kindness and I’ve been thinking about the invisible impact and the ripple effect of kindness. It reminded me of the “Kindness Boomerang” video below, which captures¬†the essence¬†of my dream for our world: love, respect, compassion.

If you take nothing else from my sharing my vision with you, take this: Be kind to each other. Protect each other. Help each other. Love each other.