Tapping into the Divine Feminine

I love my tomboy tendencies. They’re a huge part of who I am and I embrace them. But lately I’ve been craving more divine feminine in my life too. Being one of the guys is a safe place for me. It’s great, but it’s well within my comfort zone. Stepping more into the divine feminine is out of my comfort zone and therefore also aligned with something I’m working on this year – taking bigger risks.

What I’m longing for is not just femininity for femininity’s sake, but rather tapping into the divine feminine.  To me the divine feminine includes the full spectrum of timeless female energy and can show up in all different shapes and forms, genders, sexualities, etc. The common thread is that it’s really real. It’s deep, vulnerable, mysterious, raw, intuitive, bold, magnetic, compelling, and healing. It draws you in with its irresistible beauty, magic, and power.


I declared 2014 my year of intentionally tapping into and coaxing out my own divine feminine – kicking and screaming if needed – while also actively seeking it out in other women. Not surprisingly, the universe smiled, nodded, and coughed up a handful of opportunities. Looking back, the first quarter of this year has been all about the feminine for me. Here are some examples.


don’t know a damned thing about online shopping. And I’m hardly an expert when it comes to fashion. So, naturally I was caught off guard when online shopping network, Joyus, invited me to be a guest on their talk show. Luckily, it was for a life organization segment and I got to present my simplify, prioritize, clarify philosophy. Being surrounded by fashion and beauty experts definitely put me outside my comfort zone, but I think I managed to be myself and just own it, because most of the feedback I’ve gotten was that I came across as authentic and grounded. The experience strengthened my resolve to start making my own videos (which I’ve been putting off for months because it feels like a big huge scary risk.) Here’s the clip, if you haven’t seen it yet. 


As you may have noticed I get pretty fired up about public speaking. Over the holidays, I was asked to be a featured speaker at a Spinsters general meeting. I felt totally confident about my talk but being in a room full of dolled up girls made me hyper aware of how out of touch I’ve been with my own feminine side the past five years while working in fitness. It felt good to just notice this without judging it. As I was standing at the podium at the front of a room with 100+ young women staring back me, I took the opportunity to soak in as much of that uniquely female energy as I could.


Electric Woman

My good friend Nikki Armytage, whom I’ve written about before, asked me to co-lead a handful of calls with her for Electric Woman this spring. We’ve only just begun this journey and the connections happening in this group of smart and ambitious women are already blowing me away. When you create a sacred space and ask for vulnerability, magic happens. Can’t wait to see how it all unfolds. I suspect I’ll learn a lot from them these next few months. Nikki’s work is going to take the world by storm, by the way. I’m sure of it. Keep an eye out for her book.


Red Heart Collective

When I was asked by Heather Spurrell, who I’ve been admiring from afar for ages, to be one of the original contributors in her digital magazine I was excited, since Real Women Whole People is very much aligned with everything I stand for. Then, when I saw the names of the other contributors, I was humbled. To be included amongst the likes of Amy Smith of Joy Junkie fame, who is a total badass, and Karen Kimsey-House, co-founder of CTI and one of the pioneers of the coaching industry, felt like a tremendous honor. My piece is called Unleash the Beast and can be found on page 16. Click the image below to hunt it down.

Real Women Whole People

So, my year of tapping into the divine feminine is off to a pretty good start. And I crave lots more. I want more badass women in my life to learn from, grow with, and look up to. I want to see more and more of my own feisty femme come out to play. I want to explore all the mystery and the power that being a woman has to offer and see what happens when I do.




Own it.

My tolerance for conformity has gone down. Being like everyone else is boring. Living a life built on “I should” or “I’m supposed to” is tragic.

Luckily things are changing out there. More and more people are flying their freak flag. More and more people see the value of being who they (truly) are. Boldly and unapologetically.

I have a vision in which this is the norm, rather than the exception to the rule. Where people feel free and inspired and trust their inner wisdom, rather than seeking approval from external sources.

Where people OWN IT. Or want to learn how.

Learning to own it has been a recurring theme in my own personal growth journey. As I’ve jogged, sometimes sprinted, and often stumbled down this path, I’ve fallen in love with the concept. Hopelessly, madly in love.

It informs how I live my life (authentically), how I treat others (with respect), and it’s one of the main tenets of my message to the world.

What does it mean to own it? This picture sums it up pretty well:


I’ve had this picture as the wallpaper on my iphone for probably over a year and it still brings me to my knees every time I look at it. I didn’t even know where it came from until I looked it up today. THANK YOU Karen. Your little girl has become an icon for me.

“There is nothing more badass than being who you are.”

This quote, attributed to Darren Chris, is the essence of what owning it means to me. Knowing yourself. Accepting yourself as you are. Being proud of that uniqueness. Being vulnerable and real and imperfect.

Back in April I put on a two day workshop for women with my dear friend and fellow coach, Nikki Armytage, in London. We called it Powerful Woman. Own It.

The difference between the women who walked into the room on Saturday morning and the women who walked out on Sunday afternoon was all it took to convince me that people are hungry for this.

Nikki has sinced launched Electric Woman, a campaign created to inspire women to embrace their Electric Woman. Badass.

Now that I’m paying attention, I see such a huge difference in people when they’re owning it vs. when they’re not. It’s inspiring when someone trusts their inner wisdom and goes for it. When they have the courage to be wrong and be okay with it.

I really like Rachel Wilkerson‘s Fourth Rule: “Thou Shalt Own It.”

ImageSo, go ahead. Own it. Whatever it is. Be yourself, do your thing, take responsibility for the consequences and hold that head high.

I dare you.